Kitesurfing lessons and practice

Kitesurfing schools and spots

Kitesurfing is a nautical activity practiced with a board and a kite. It is advisable to learn at a kitesurfing school for reasons of safety and good practice.

Wind and water are the only elements necessary for the kite. The coast of Ceará offers a variety of quality peaks, from Fortaleza to Jericoacoara. They are more or less frequented according to their notoriety. Most are waves, but it is possible to find places with flat water like Patos or Macapá, ideal for learning and jumping.

Learning cannot be done alone. The choice of school and location is important. Ponds and water peaks with smooth water with little depth and with regular wind and not crowded are preferred.
This will ensure a fast and safe progression.

Kitesurfing does not require special physical conditions. It is possible to start from 40kg. You need to know how to swim and feel comfortable in the water.

The price of the courses varies from 150 to 200R$ per hour in group classes (2 to 3 people maximum). The courses take place in sessions of about 2 hours whose schedules have been established according to the tides and navigation conditions.

Autonomous kitesurfers can also take advantage of the supervision of the kitesurf clubs available on the coast of Ceará. This will allow them to sail safely and be assisted by professionals who know the location.

kitesurfing equipment

Kitesurfing equipment is quite expensive, but it is possible to buy second-hand equipment after checking its condition. The kiteboarder will need a board. There are different models: the twin-tip (the most used board), the surf (which allows kiting on waves) and foil SUP.
The kite is also an essential element, it is a large kite whose size can vary from 4m2 to 16m2. The size of the kite is chosen according to the weight of the rider and the strength of the wind. The bar and lines are part of the package that completes the kite. And finally comes the harness, belt to which the kiteboarder is connected to the kite.

kitesurf lesson

The number of brands offers a wide variety of models: Duotone, Naish, Cabrinha, Airush, Core, Ozone, Takoon, …

Kitesurfing in Brazil in Ceará

Kitesurfing is practiced in wind conditions ranging from 12 to 30 knots. The best wind orientation is Side-On shore. The coast of Ceará offers these types of conditions daily and, therefore, allows the ideal practice of water sports. The water temperature, wind statistics, quality and quantity of spots make it one of the best known places in the world in kitesurfing. Obstacle-free beaches guarantee the practice of sports in case of problems.

kiteboarding center

For more than 15 years, kitesurf has boosted tourism in this part of the Brazilian coast, with a good number of inns, schools and kitesurf clubs spread across the coast.

And during the July to January season, it is rare to see a day without seeing a kite.

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